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I had several pet stains from an older sick dog. I would have the carpet cleaners come out to clean it and it looked great for a few days and then the stains would come back through. After $500 in cleanings I decided to look into buying new carpet for my living room 11.5′ x 18′ and down the hall 4′ x 12′. Carpet wholesale ripped out the old carpet, hauled it away, installed new carpet and pad for just over $500. Wow, I could have gotten it fro free if I was smart enough not to do the 4 cleanings in the past year. Highly recommend Conway Carpet Wholesale in Myrtle Beach!

Gretchen Socastee, SC

Every 4 months I would have my carpet cleaned. But after a few days it went back to looking a bit rough again. When I bought this condo it had new carpet installed. I did not have to clean it for over two years. At Carpet Wholesale they installed brand new carpet and pad for less than one years worth of cleaning charges. So I had both my living room and rec room carpeted, saved money over cleaning costs and also got to change the color of the carpet. Great job Carpet Wholesale!

MarshaNorth Myrtle Beach, SC

We manage, service & repair over 50 condos here in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. We have cut our carpet installation costs by over 20% over our past carpet contracts. Lets face it folks sand and carpet do not mix! So, we need to replace worn carpet on ocean front properties on a regular bases. Thank you “Carpet Wholesale” for a great affordable solution to the rental property owner and property management services here at the beach!

Mark J. North Myrtle BeachNorth Myrtle Beach, SC

I needed to tear out all of the disgusting, smelly, filthy, worn out carpet in a home I was moving into. This going to cost thousands!!! So… I picked out an average plus quality carpet and top quality pad at Lowes and Home Depot. Lowes offered the lower installed price of the two at around $3,400 and DID NOT include tear out of old carpet and pad. Entire home carpet, pad and installation came out to 130 sq yards or 1170 sq ft. of flooring that had carpet. So… i called Carpet Wholesale after seeing their tv commercials for years and had the owner meet me and my wife at the property to measure and look at carpet samples. Very nice guy and zero sales pressure at all. He gave us the samples and a complete price for removal of old flooring, installation of carpet, pad and included sales tax. Get this $2,486 total and the carpet and pad are a better quality than the one we priced at Lowes and a brand name carpet to boot! If you need carpet, you need to call Carpet Wholesale Myrtle Beach & Conway @ 843-365-3700 If you want to verify this testimonial feel free to contact me directly.

BruceLongs, SC

My wife and I own a small, 2bd NMB oceanfront condo that we rent out for about 6 months a year.  We had the carpet replaced 10 years ago and it was time to do it again. Last two times we changed out the carpet we paid… in 1999 $2200 and in 2007 $2450. Not a bad price at all but when I stumbled across this website in a Google search I decided to call Liston for a quote. He went and got the key the very next day. The quote $1877.56 WOW! You know who my new carpet guy is!

Johnny PCharlotte, NC

We started building a new house a couple months ago and it became time to pick out appliances and floor coverings with the builder. We had a flooring allowance of $2.50 per sq ft. The builder brought carpet samples and we picked one out. My wife asked if she could have a couple days to make a final decision. We had 1950 sq ft of carpet needed so our built in allowance was $4,875. My wifes friend was very impressed with a job Carpet Wholesale did for her so she called them for a quote. 1950 sq ft carpet, pad & installed with tax $3,690 for an identical carpet. We asked the builder for the flooring credit to be put on our closing form. We saved $1,185 with Carpet Wholesale. Best part of the story is that our new washer and dryer cost under $1,000 so they were actually FREE!

Mark J. Myrtle Beach, SC

We have a few rental properties and only use Carpet Wholesale! On time, low prices, quality work and never any hidden surprises. Thanks

CharlyConwya, SC